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The New "FRI-day" Weekly Event





From this Friday on, we going to start a weekly event which is called, "FRI-day" Tournaments. The events will take place on Server 8 in the 3 brand new "Battle Fields". Please read about these Events in the Discussion Forums. Thank you from,


Top Guilds in Free Realms

The best guilds in free realms are in the top 5 and imperious has now been know as number 1 we should be proud our guild is the best well her are the top guilds

#1 Imperious

#2 Insiders

#3 Arathi

#4 Regenade

#5 Double Trouble

Well does are the best guilds in free realms idk if i got them right please tell me if i need to do some corrections well i hope my officers and leaders keep doing a great job to keep us number 1 well that's all for today

Welcome to Imperious!

Welcome to the main website of Imperious!Here have videos updates in the guild,also scheduled tournaments, an scheduled events, an a guest book to express yourself.An a disscussion forum to spread the topic about Free Realms.Also most of us always like to party in this guild.So come on an join the fun at the guild imperious.


Frerealms Hit 10 Million Registered players!

This morning on the Official Free Realms Page on Facebook, they announced that Free Realms has officially hit 10 million registered players!
They also left this image as a sneak peek to their one-year anniversary celebration.
More details on what's to come on their first birthday can be found on the News section of FreeRealms.com

"So what do we have planned? Of course there will be cake. Lots of cake! And fireworks. Lots of Fireworks. There will be special quests and rewards too! You’ll have to travel to the many corners of Free Realms to complete them.

If in-game quests weren’t enough, the Community Team will be throwing an all day party!  Each hour from 9am PDT to 5pm PDT, they will be moving the party to a different location. You can choose to party or you can seek out the members of the Community Team who will be hiding nearby. Find them and get a taste of some birthday cake!"

SOE is saying that more info is to come, so watch out for more news!
"Reaching 10 million registered players on the eve of Free Realms' first birthday is an incredibly exciting event for SOE and our passionate online community," said John Smedley, president of SOE.  "Millions of gamers have confirmed that the genre we pioneered over 11 years ago with the original EverQuest continues to evolve and expand to include new styles of gameplay that reach a wider audience than ever before."
Here's some other interesting information from the press release!

"As early as mid-April, players will see party decorations in various areas of Free Realms that signal the kick-off of the birthday festivities. Celebratory live community events, two new combat minigames, party hats and commemorative t-shirts for player avatars are just some of the new extras to look forward to.  A new series of 15 birthday quests will also be added.  Players are urged to participate in a large scale cake fight in order to help prevent the ruin of the Free Realms birthday bash by Cakenstein, a colossal monster made from cake recipes gone wrong.

This month, Members can also look forward to the release of new types of Rides like the rainbow-mane Unicorn, Beetle and Balloon Animal Pets, and Chick and Rabbit Pet Pals. "

Freerealms Insight:The art of freerealms

There's been quite a stir today in the world of FR, but first let's get to your look into the gaming industry with Free Realms: It's Free Realms Insight time.
 Today, we're looking at one of the most important things for a game like Free Realms: Art.
Free Realms takes a lot of artists to make everything you see the game. From concept to the actual thing you find when you play the game. Not to mention several more artists to do the trading card game and comic books.
And it's interesting to note that quite a bit of the artists who worked for Free Realms can be found right on Deviantart.com, an website for artists to show off their work.
In it, you will find various pieces for the trading card gamesthe comic booksactual art you'll find in-game, and concept art.
It's great to get a closer look at some of the art that's gone into the realms, but probably one of the most interesting has to be the concept art.
Concept art is an important part of any game-making process to best visualize what will be added into the game, and in The Art of Free Realms collection, you can find a few concepts.

With pictures of chests, palm trees, and parrots, is this a confirmation that Pirates are finally coming into Free Realms? And what kind of new 3D minigame will we be getting?
According to Sony, more info will be revealed tomorrow (or Thursday), so stay tuned to FreeRealmsInsider.com for the latest on that!
As with every Insight, I end with a question: What's better? Pirates or Ninjas?
Hope you enjoyed this edition of Insight, and let's find out what new minigame we'll be getting real soon!

Guild got hacked!

If any of you guys got kicked out!, Please teleport or add Jake Crimsonshades or Brastion Fieryblade!Or send a message to me on this website!


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